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Kathirikai Vatha Kuzhambu Recipe Tamil Preparation

Kathirikai Vatha Kuzhambu Recipe 
Kathirikai Vatha Kuzhambu Recipe is the best side dish for rice. The most popular vatha Kuzhambu recipes prepared in Tamil Nadu are vendakkai vatha kuzhambu, appalam vatha kuzhambu, poondu vatha kuzhambu and Kathirikai Vatha Kuzhambu.

Ingredients needed for Kathirikai Vatha Kuzhambu Recipe Preparation
Kathirikai – 5
Small onion ½ cup
Mustard – ½ tsp
Fenugreek seed – 1/2tsp
Curry leaves – little
Green chillies – 3
Chilli powder – 1/2tsp
Oil and salt – as required
Tamarind juice - 2 tsp
Coriander leaves – little

Kathirikai Vatha Kulambu Recipe Grinding Ingredients
Sesame – 2tsp
Coconut – 1tsp
Red chillied – 4
Kadalai Paruppu – 5tsp
Urad Dal – 3tsp
Coriander seeds – 3tsp
Jeera – 1 tsp
Tamirind powder – a pinch
(Fry and grind the ingredients )

Kathirikai Vatha Kuzhambu Recipe Preparation
Cut the brinjal but do not completely separate. One edge should be joined.
Put in the water and wash it properly.   
Take a frying pan, add some oil and heat the oil.
Then put mustard, jeera and fenugreek seeds, add chilli powder and fry in sim flame.
Now add the ground masala, fry for couple of minutes and add the brinjal.
Add the tamarind paste, ½ cup of water and salt. Mix well.
Let it to boil for some time ( like other  Vatha Kuzhambu Recipes)
Take care while boiling otherwise Kathirikai will be over cooked.  


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