Monday, February 20, 2012

Sundakkai Vathal Kuzhambu Recipe Puli Kulambu in Tamil Cooking

Sundakkai Vathal Kuzhambu
Sundakkai in English: Turkey Berry
 Sundakkai is a vegetable little bitter in taste. It is used to prepared many nutritious variety of side dishes. sundakkai dishes are delicious too. It is a medicinal food, sundakkai health benefits are more. It is used to treat many stomach related problems. The varieties of dishes prepared using Sundakkai are
·         Sundakkai kuzhambu,
·         sundakkai kootu,
·         sundakkai curry
·         sundakkai sambar
·         sundakkai puli kuzhambu
Sundakkai Vathal Kuzhambu Recipe is similar to kara puli kulambu preparation.
 Ingredients Required to Prepare Sundakkai Vathal Kuzhambu Recipe
Sundakkai dried and salted 50gm
Urad Dal 1tsp
Lentil 1tsp
Mustard 1tsp
Curry leaves as required
Turmeric powder a pinch
Asafetida a pinch
Gingelly oil 2tsp
Red chillies Dry 5
Tamarind juice solid 50ml
Fenugreek seeds 1tsp
Salt as required

How to Prepare Sundakkai Vathal Kuzhambu in Tamil Style
Fry the ingredients of Urad dal, lentil, red chillies and fenugreek seeds.
Grind the fried ingredients and make a powder.
 Take kulambu vessel and pour some oil, fry the mustard and curry leaves.
Then keep the stove in sim and fry the  Sundakkai well
Then add the ground Sundakkai Vathal Kuzhambu masala ingredients
Add tamarind juice, salt and turmeric powder mix well and add water
Boil for 15 minute and finely add 2tsp of Gingelly oil
Sundakkai Vathal Kuzhambu in Tamil Nadu style is ready taste.
This is the best side dish for rice.

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