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Chettinad Kuzhambu Milagai Thool Tamil Nadu Preparation

Chettinad Kuzhambu Milagai Thool Tamil Nadu 
Chettinad Kuzhambu milagai thool recipe Tamil nadu preparation is a very important ingredient in Tamil sambar preparation.  Kuzhambu milagai thool recipe is also called sambar powder. Chettinad vatha kuzhambu podi and Kuzhambu Milagai Thool are very popular.  Usually people in other parts of India use chilli powder instead of sambar powder so comparatively you can not get the original taste. Here I have given the simple recipe for the preparation of Chettinad Kuzhambu Milagai Thool preparation.

Kuzhambu milagai thool Ingredients
Red chilli – 500gm
Coriander seeds – 500gm
Pepper – 100gm
Fenugreek seeds – 2tsp
Urad dal – 2tsp
Toor dal – 250gm
Bengal gram (Kadalai paruppu) – 250gm
Turmeric – small stem
Curry leaves – a bunch
Asafotida solid- 10gm

How to prepare Chettinad Kuzhambu milagai thool recipe
  • Dry fry all the ingredients, except chilli and coriander seeds,
  • The ingredients should be fried separately one by one,
  • Then finally fry the chilly by adding 1tsp of oil, stir continuously,
  • Fry coriander seeds by adding little oil.
  • Now grind the ingredients, less quantity can be grind in the mixer grinder,
  •  If it is higher, grind in the grinding machine.
  • Kulambu milagai thool recipe is ready, prepare sambar by using this Chettinad Kuzhambu milagai thool for idli, dosa or rice. 

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